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We all know Texas weather is unpredictable and maybe that hail storm came one night when you weren’t expecting it. We are all familiar with the damage hail can cause. Express Paintless is here for your hail dent repair near San Antonio, TX. We work with local companies to ensure a speedy repair and quality results. Even if you weren’t prepared, we are.

If you’re looking for hail dent repair near San Antonio, TX and maybe feeling a little hesitant, let us calm your nerves. Hail damage is usually covered under comprehensive and full coverage plans, and here in Texas a weather-related claim won’t affect your premium. There is more harm in not getting your hail damage repaired because it can affect the resale value of your car.

Traditionally, hail dent repairs were done by replacing any badly damaged panels and filling the rest of the dent with body filler and repainting. This not only takes lots of time, but is also very costly and diminishes your resale value. The preferred method for hail dent repair near San Antonio, TX is called PDR. PDR stands for paintless dent removal. PDR is far more affordable and takes much less time. We gently massage the metal back into shape from behind the panel. Using this technique we are able to retain your vehicles original equipment manufacturer panels and your factory finish.

Once you have finished with your hail dent repair near San Antonio, TX there are certain things you can do to maintain your car’s nice new finish. We recommend looking for covered parking when available, especially during hail seasons. If covered parking is not an option for you, hail blankets can protect your car as well. Some companies make specific covers for hail, but thick blankets will work just as well! If you are unable to protect your vehicle and experience damage, give Express Paintless a call and we will have it all fixed up in no time.

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