Dent Removal & Hail Repair MYTHS

Don’t try this at home, kids! Some of the myths we’ve heard to repair car damage due to dents are laughable, and often times cause more damage than good. Call Express Paintless today and get real information on how you can repair your vehicle!


Debunking Myths

From dry ice to blow dryers and compressed air, tactics such as these are all about a sudden temperature change, and the theory is that this can shock the metal to “pop” back into place. However, 99.9% of the time this is not the case. A lot of time, all you achieve is getting your car wet or burning the paint. The best thing to do is to consult a technician.

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COmmon Myths of Hail Repair & Dent Removal

Hail Repair is the Same Everywhere

One of the most concerning myths is the idea that all car hail damage repairs are the same. It can be overwhelming to navigate the different repair options available and determine which is best for your vehicle. Not all repair methods and shops are created equal, and it's important to educate yourself about the different car hail damage repair techniques available to make an informed decision.

Minor Hail Dents Are Cheap To Fix

While hail may not cause extensive damage to a vehicle, repairing minor hail dents can still be quite expensive as there are often hundreds of them. Modern luxury and high-end cars often use lightweight aluminum panels to improve fuel efficiency. However, fixing dents on aluminum panels can be more difficult and costly compared to repairing steel panels.

All Hail Damage is the Same

A common myth about hail damage is that it is all the same, but in reality, there are four primary types. Dents are the most frequent type, regardless of the storm's severity, and their size and depth depend on the size and velocity of the hailstones during impact. In addition to dents, hail damage can also include paint damage, cracked glass, mirror damage, and other forms of harm.

My Insurance Will Increase

Contrary to popular belief, insurance companies cannot raise your premium for filing a hail damage claim. Hail damage is categorized as an "Act of Nature" and falls under comprehensive coverage, which means that it's an unpredictable event and won't result in a premium increase. If you need to file a hail damage claim, refer to the linked article for more information.

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