Express Paintless does a whole lot more than paintless dent removal. We’re your one-stop body shop for vehicle headaches. Whether it’s a cosmetic issue or you’re needing parts replaced, our team has you covered.


Express Paintless Has You covered

We’re your one-stop body shop for vehicle headaches. Call us for a consultation today.

Headlight Reconditioning

The Texas sun can be harsh on plastics. In Texas, headlights can get oxidized and corroded. Not only is this unsightly, but it could evolve into a safety issue. We have a few techniques that bring them back, to near perfection in most cases. We have different levels and remedies, depending on severity and budget.

Minor Reconditioning

Our years in the business have generated many insider relationships. We can call in many service providers to recondition cars in ways that are generally only offered to dealerships. Give us a call to see how we can help.

Touch-Up Paint

Minor scratches don't need to be such an eyesore. Our touch-up service can hide blemishes and prevent corrosion. Again, levels dependent on severity and budget.

Part Replacement

In need of mirrors, trim pieces, accent pieces, just ask us! We provide professional service at our body shop, without the dealership cost.

Jimmi Jammer

Express Paintless is an authorized installer for Jimmi’ Jammer. Prevent theft with in-door lock protection.

Working With Your Insurance

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