What Is PDR?

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a repair process developed by technicians around the world. We use specialized tools to massage blemishes and dents back to their original form. It started as a means to repair dents created on the assembly lines in Germany. When all cars were hand-assembled the liability was high. As these specially trained guys moved out into the world, they took their skills and tools with them, giving birth to the industry of specialized technicians that we see today. We can repair so much more than we used to. PDR is now the preferred method for hail repair, and we can fix watermelon-sized dents efficiently.

Benefits of PDR

It’s Paintless!

The conventional ways of removing large dents are old news. PDR is not only the more cost-effective option, but it’s also more timely and stress-free.

Retain Your Resale Value

Using old-world methods, coupled with the latest technologies, we are able to retain your vehicle’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) panels and your factory finish.

Quick Repair

Most small dents can be repaired quickly, while you wait. Even with larger dents, the turnaround is quicker than traditional methods.

Flawless Results

PDR erases dents for good and restores the original finish of your vehicle. The results are something you’ll have to see to believe!

Setting the Industry Standard

Express Paintless is an innovator in the industry. Experience our workmanship and customer service for yourself.