Fix the hail damage in Wimberley, TX

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Fix the hail damage in Wimberley, TX

If there’s one thing people can agree on, it’s that Texas can experience some pretty crazy weather year long. And some of those crazy weather involves some pretty heavy hail dropping on our heads. Luckily, we can run to safety indoors, but our cars aren’t as fortunate. They can take hits from ice the size of baseballs, leaving dings and dents all over your vehicle! That’s why Express Paintless is around; we’re here to help you with your hail damage in Wimberley, TX!

Back in the day, people would try all sorts of crazy techniques to try to fix their dents themselves. We’ve heard it all; dry ice, hair dryers, and even plungers have been used to try to “pop out” the dents left in cars. Here at Express Paintless, we instead use an advanced and reputable technique called Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) that is used by advanced technicians around the world. We use this technique to fix your hail damage in Wimberley, TX. By using specialized tools, we “massage” your dings and dents back into place properly.

Since hail is a fairly common nuisance in Central Texas, all of our technicians have plenty of experience dealing with this sort of problem. We’ve been working in this industry since 2008, delivering exceptional service to all customers who need our aid, from regular folks who wish to remove the blemishes from their vehicle, to car dealerships and mechanics who need to have entire rows of cars fixed in a timely fashion. Our experience in fixing hail damage in Wimberley, TX is plentiful.

So if you’re looking around for a good location to ensure you get the best quality service for fixing hail damage in Wimberley, TX, then you need to contact Express Paintless! Our tenure, professionalism, and insured location will make sure to get your vehicle back into tip-top shape in no time flat!

Let Express Paintless remove the dents from your car

Hail damage in Wimberley, TX can be a fairly common - and frustrating - experience. Let Express Paintless deliver their quality service to you!

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