Hail Damage Repair Near Buda, TX

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Hail Repair

This Spring has brought with it some pretty bad hail. Some areas in Central Texas have even reported getting hail the size of baseballs! It’s no secret that when you have chunks of ice falling from the sky at this size, it is going to cause some damage. Roofs, buildings, and trees can all experience damage from these extreme weather events. One of the more common and costly types of hail damage is to your car however.

When large hail comes down, it can leave your car littered with dents. These dents can range from small to large. You may only notice a couple, or your car may look like Swiss cheese. No matter how bad it looks, it is important to remember that hail is a weather event that happens frequently, and dent repair companies have gotten pretty good at repairing it. With the power of paintless dent repair, your hail damage near Buda, TX can be fixed up in no time.

Paintless dent repair is an innovative method of fixing dents that is perfect for hail damage repair near Buda, TX. Paintless dent repair, or PDR for short, involves massaging the dent back into place using specialized tools. This is great for fixing hail damage, because those dents are often smaller that dents from a door ding or accident. PDR is also a very fast dent removal method, meaning your hail damage repair near Buda, TX will be done in no time.

If you are looking for hail damage repair near Buda, TX, come over to Express Paintless! We have over ten years of experience serving Central Texas with premium dent repair. We have seen plenty of hail storms roll through and have what it takes to get your vehicle fixed up in no time. We will work with your insurance to make sure our services are affordable to you. If you are in need of hail damage repair near Buda, TX, get in contact with us and we’ll have your vehicle looking pristine in no time.

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