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Hail damage is something no one wants to deal with. If you recently had hail in your area and were unable to get your car to shelter, it may be riddled with many small dents. While this may seem like something that’s tough to fix, it’s no problem for us over at Express Paintless! With state of the art equipment, innovative techniques, and an experienced crew, we can easily take care of your hail dent removal in San Marcos, TX.

At Express Paintless, we use an innovative technique known as paintless dent removal (PDR). With PDR, we are able to massage out the dent using specialized tools and equipment, rather than traditional methods where body filler and repainting are used. This method is way less expensive and time consuming, making it perfect for fixing the many small dents hail can cause. Our use of PDR is what makes us the best place around for hail dent removal in San Marcos, TX. Check out our page for hail repair to learn more about hail and how Express Paintless can help!

At Express Paintless, we have made it our mission to serve our community by helping them with dent repair. Since the weather out here in Central Texas is fairly unpredictable, we make sure our crew is well prepared for hail dent removal in San Marcos, TX. We work at a safe, secure, easy to get to location, run by a professional and service oriented staff that is happy and ready to help you. Hail dent removal in San Marcos, TX is covered under most insurance policies, so you have nothing to lose by coming in!

Hail dent removal in San Marcos, TX may seem like a tough job, but it’s no problem for us at Express Paintless. With our innovative paintless dent removal, your car will be fixed up in no time! Stop by or contact us today to see how we can help!

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