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Express Paintless Can Do Car Repair in Wimberley, TX
Whatever comes your way, Express Paintless can save the day! If you need a car repair in Wimberley, TX, we can come to fix minor dings, large dents, and hail damage at your body shop in case there are any last-minute hiccups. Our service-oriented staff will gladly take care of whatever you need. Contact us today, and Express Paintless will provide you an excellent car repair in Wimberley, TX!

What We Offer
For hail damage, Express Paintless uses Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) in order to preserve your vehicle’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) panels and factory finish. If there’s a nasty hail storm, Express Paintless is your solution for car repair in Wimberley, TX. We understand that the most seemingly benign situations can put minor dings on your vehicle, but we can take care of them with no problem. Do not be discouraged by a large dent in your car! Express Paintless will handle it. We’ve seen a few things, so we can assist if you need a car repair in Wimberley, TX. If you accidentally stumble upon a ding or dent on a customer’s car, Express Paintless’ mobile dent removal service can come to your body shop quickly to take care of you and your customer. What better gift to give than repairing a ding or dent in a friend’s car? Express Paintless offers gift cards in order to help with a plethora of issues, whether it be dings, dents, or hail damage. Contact us today if you are in need of any car repair in Wimberley, TX!

About Express Paintless
Since 2008, Express Paintless has provided superb quality car repair in Wimberley, TX. We are industry innovators and provide the best customer service. If you are a body repair shop in need of assistance, we will come to you for a car repair in Wimberley, TX so that your vehicle looks good as new. Don’t just take our word for it, contact us today!

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