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Every day accidents can lead to small dents on your car. From windblown doors to shopping carts, small dents appear in the most unexpected of ways. Small dings can be a real bummer. Fortunately for you, Express Paintless is here for your small dent repair near San Antonio, TX. Most small dents can be repaired flawlessly and quickly while you wait.

If you’re looking for small dent repair near San Antonio, TX, Express Paintless is here to fix your little problem. Small dents and dings not only bring down the value of your car, but can rust over time. Delaying repairs could lead to permanent damage.

Traditionally, small dent repairs were done by replacing any badly damaged panels and filling the rest of the dent with body filler and repainting. This not only takes lots of time, but is also pretty costly and diminishes your resale value. The preferred method for small dent repair near San Antonio, TX, is called PDR. PDR stands for paintless dent removal. PDR is far more affordable and takes much less time. We gently massage the metal back into shape from behind the panel. Using this technique we are able to retain your vehicles original equipment manufacturer panels and your factory finish.

This technique works best on dents that haven’t damaged the paint on your vehicle such as the small ones you might get from those windblown doors and shopping carts. Our trained technicians know exactly how to get out those small dents. PDR repairs are much faster and less expensive than traditional re-painting, and we pass those savings onto you.

If you’re interested in our small dent repair near San Antonio, TX, schedule a consultation today! Our techniques here at Express Paintless are often far less expensive and time consuming. We are here committed to customer service and high quality workmanship.

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