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Hail damage repair near San Antonio, TX

Ask any Texan about the weather in this state and they will likely all give you about the same answer: unpredictable. Unfortunately, the unpredictability of the weather in our great state can often mean hail. Hail is bad news for your vehicle, especially if you don’t have access to covered parking. A bad hailstorm can leave many small (or sometimes large) dents all over your car. These dents will appear on your hood, roof, and any of your part exposed to the hail. It can also crack and even shatter your windshield. These types of damages may seem tough to repair, but it’s a pretty easy fix for us here at Express Paintless, the experts of Hail damage repair near San Antonio, TX.

If you were recently in a hailstorm and were unable to get your car under covered protection, there’s no need to worry. You can take your vehicle to Express Paintless for Hail damage repair near San Antonio, TX, and we’ll have it fixed up in no time! At Express paintless, we’ve been serving the San Antonio area since 2008, so we’ve seen our fair share of hail damage. After a bad storm, you might look at your car and think repairing it is near impossible with all those dents. At Express Paintless, we specialize in a dent repair technique called paintless dent removal (PDR for short) that is the preferred method of hail damage repair. PDR involves massaging the dent back into its original shape instead of replacing the plate of using body filler or paint. Because we’re skilled in this technique, we’ve become trusted professionals when it comes to Hail damage repair near San Antonio, TX.

Hail damage is certainly annoying, but it isn’t the end of the world. It’s covered under comprehensive or “full coverage” insurance policies, and you have experts in Hail damage repair near San Antonio, TX at Express Paintless to fix your car up. Want more information? Check out our hail repair page or contact us today!

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Hail can cause unsightly damage to your car. Express Paintless is ready to help you with Hail damage repair near San Antonio, TX.

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