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Hail Damage Repair near Wimberley, TX

Express Paintless is a body shop located in San Marcos, TX, but not just a normal body shop! At Express Paintless our team specializes in a special dent removal technique – paintless dent removal. This method is perfect for hail damage repair neat Wimberley, TX! Keep reading to learn more about how we can get your vehicle repaired faster – and leave it looking great.

If you live in central Texas, you know that hail can be a common, and unexpected occurrence. These storms often catch us off guard – leaving us without time to protect our vehicles. If you need hail damage repair near Wimberley, TX, then Express Paintless is for you! We repair hail damage without needing to replace parts or repaint your vehicle, a huge benefit over traditional dent repair.

Our team of technicians provides paintless dent removal for our clients. We don’t have to order body parts or factory paint match. Instead, we work with the body of your vehicle to coax out dents. We don’t mess with the paint – leaving your factory paint intact! Keeping this factory finish on your car may allow your car to retain its value down the line.

If you are in need of hail damage repair near Wimberley, TX, then its time you contact Express Paintless! Our team is here to help you with everything that you might need – including unexpected hail damage. Give us a call, we’ll answer any of your questions or set up an appointment to get a quote!

Do you need hail damage repair near Wimberley, TX? Express Paintless is here to help! Contact our team to schedule your appointment.

Dents on your car are inevitable but that’s what we are here for. Our paintless dent repair will restore your car to perfection in an easy, quick fix.

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