Hail Damage Repair: What to Know From Start to Finish

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Hail Damage Repair: What to Know From Start to Finish

You walk out of your home or office one day to find that your car has been damaged by an unexpected hail storm. Now what? Express Paintless is here to walk you through the steps of your hail damage repair from start to finish.

1. Document for Your Insurance
First off, you have to document the damage for your insurance provider. They will need to assess the damage to handle your claim. Don’t worry about a rise in your insurance just yet. Many insurance companies recognize hail damage as an act of nature – something you can’t control - and act accordingly. Plus, if you really don’t want to deal with your insurance claim, no problem. Express Paintless will handle everything for you and you can be as involved as you want.

2. Contact Express Paintless
The next step to take to begin your hail damage repair is to contact Express Paintless. With our same-day service and repairs, you can easily schedule a repair appointment that works with your time. Then, with our paintless dent repair services, you will be back out on the road quickly and easily. No stress to you or your family!

3. Prevent Future Damage
Finally, now that your hail damage repair has taken place, you want to prevent future damage to your vehicle! Express Paintless is here to help you with that, too! Remember to look for covered parking, at all times. You never know when a storm might hit during hail season. Also, don’t try to make it home. Instead find shelter and ride out the storm. Lastly, if you can’t find coverage, use blankets or a hail car cover to protect your vehicle!

If your vehicle has suffered hail damage, follow our steps to know what to do during this stressful time and how to prevent future hail damage. We hope you will consider Express Paintless as your first choice hail damage repair.

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