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Insurance Claims in San Marcos

When it comes to the insurance on your vehicles, companies are understandable that accidents happen. Whether it’s the rare but deadly hailstorms here in San Marcos, or the mass amount of people that can dent your vehicle; your insurance companies will be more than willing to help you with your damaged vehicles. The only problem people have is that they don’t really understand how to make insurance claims. As soon as you see a slight bit of damage caused by something other than you getting in an accident, you need to report it as soon as possible to be able to receive comprehensive coverage.

Unlike damage caused by an accident that you were involved in, damage caused by hail will most likely be covered by your insurance without a rise in your prices, especially if you have comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage takes care of all cosmetic damage to the body of your vehicle including the paint, glass, and damage to the body. The best way to make insurance claims is to file them as soon as you notice damage to your vehicle. Report the damage to your insurance company; get written estimates for the repair work from your insurance adjuster, and then contact Express Paintless to get your vehicle repaired. To get the best estimate on your insurance claims, make sure your vehicle is inspected inside away from the sun because glares from the sun can hide dents on your vehicle giving an inaccurate estimate.

When making insurance claims, you want to get it done as fast as possible so that it can come to Express Paintless for its repairs. Don’t waste time when trying to contact your insurance companies; get it done quickly and be dent free in no time.

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