Repair Your Hail Damage Near San Antonio, TX

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Repair Your Hail Damage Near San Antonio, TX

The ever changing weather in Central Texas can cause a toll on our vehicles. Although not posing any imminent issues to your car, having any type of hail damage near San Antonio, TX can lead to expensive new paint jobs, dents, or even windshield repairs. Express Paintless wants to help you by repairing hail damage near San Antonio, TX or any other weather related dents that your car has experienced.

Any damages done to your car due to hail or inclement weather can immensely affect your car’s resale value. For this reason, any hail or weather damage that your car has experienced should be addressed. Most comprehensive or “full cover” insurance policies cover hail and inclement weather damage done to your car and it won’t affect your premium. Therefore, any hail damage near San Antonio, TX can be easily repaired by Express Paintless.

Our new and improved Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) method provides a more cost effective, time reducing and overall better quality service than previous methods. With this method we use new technology to push the dent back up without having to replace the original parts. This allows you to maintain a high resale value over your vehicle. Lastly, here are some methods to prevent any further hail damage near San Antonio, TX. 1) Use covered parking to best prevent any future damage done to your car. 2) If no cover parking is available, purchasing a hail car cover or using blankets also provides some extra security over your car’s surface. 3) Lastly, if you are caught in the middle of a hail storm, we recommend that for your safety and for the cars damage prevention, you wait out the storm in a covered area such as a parking garage.

If you are still unsure whether or not Express Paintless could provide the service you need, get in contact and ask any questions you may have. We’d love to see what ways we can assist you and your car.

Have your hail damage repaired at Express Paintless for fast and easy service.

Hail damage can leave your car covered in dents. Have any hail damage near San Antonio, TX repaired by Express Paintless today.

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