Restore your car with large dent removal near San Antonio, TX

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Restore your car with large dent removal near San Antonio, TX

Weather’s been getting a little crazy recently in Texas! Now more than ever, it’s getting hard to predict what the outside conditions will be like on any given day. Something that we’ve been seeing more of lately is hail, and these big chunks of ice can absolutely batter your car, whether it’s on the road or parked. The last thing people want to see on their car are large indentions in their car when they haven’t even done anything wrong! That’s why Express Paintless is here: to help you out with all matters related to a large dent removal near San Antonio, TX.

At Express Paintless, we use a special method developed by technicians around the world called Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) that uses specialized tools to help massage dings and dents in your car back into place. It is now the preferred method for all hail repair, and we can even fix watermelon-sized dents efficiently. It’s highly cost-efficient, and certainly more effective than the myths you might hear about “do it yourself” methods (some of which involve a hair dryer!). We’ve been practitioners in this craft since 2008, so we feel confident that we’re the best people to turn to for your large dent removal near San Antonio, TX.

We know you’re very excited to get started on restoring your car, but before that, there’s some information you may find important! Our PDR service a large dent removal near San Antonio, TX can be covered by your insurance policy! We work with large companies like the ones you see on TVs, as well as the small town local ones. By working with your insurance company directly, we can greatly reduce the wait time and make sure your vehicle is well-taken care of. You should also know that insurance companies also know hail damage is not your fault. Using insurance to pay for our services will not increase your insurance rate, so you can rest easy.

So at the end of this article, we hope we’ve covered all your questions related to a large dent removal in San Antonio, TX. If you’re interested in repairing your car at a cost-efficient price with quality service, which can be covered by insurance with no risk of an increase in premium, contact Express Paintless a call today!

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